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*Do you have a minimum?


No, we do not. No event is too big or too small.

 Sometimes our favorite jobs are the sweetest, simplest ones.  

We base our work on a first come first serve basis and

start accepting inquires 14 months out from your event date.


If I live in LA, but am getting married in SF

- who do I work with?


You work with our whole team.  That is the beauty of

having flagships in our two favorite cities.  We love LA. We love SF.

 We couldn't choose where to set up shop and feel like both

are such special places.  Kelly heads up LA, and Danielle keeps shop

in the Bay Area. We have a team of Artisans in between. 

Whatever is convenient for your Event and your schedule works for us.


Do you guys coordinate as well?


No we do not.  That is a whole other bag of worms.

 We do offer production design management.  That means we

manage design and decor vendors.  We can happily refer a list

of the best in the business up and down this state if need be.


What services do you offer?


We offer floral design services and full event design.

 Please send us an email or give us a ring and

we will help you figure out what you are needing.


Why did you name your business Brown Paper Design

when it has nothing to do with flowers?


When Danielle was a little girl and wanted to make something,

her mother would pull out paper bags and they would draw out patterns together.

 It is where Danielle first learned to use her hands and access her creativity.  

She learned you can find inspiration in the most familiar places

and we still find that to be one of the most exciting things about life.