What We Do

We work with a variety of artisans and craftsmen to create innovative environments for celebrations and gatherings. 

Once a floral design studio, Brown Paper Design has carefully and methodically built our craft to include full event design.

We do travel domestically and internationally and  have experience in a range of countries.

We operate out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, two of the best cities in the  world {at least in our opinion}.

Brown Paper Design was established in 2007.

About our name

  Inspiration can be in the most familiar places.

When I was a little girl and wanted to make something, my mother would pull out brown paper bags and teach us to draw patterns. 

It is where I first learned that my hands and my imagination were connected.

Some of the most beautiful things can begin with the simplest start and I still find that to be one of the most exciting things about life.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our work.

 - Very Best,  Danielle Rowe, founder and principal owner.